10 Reasons I Can Give You Better Asset Protection

asset protection in utah I can give you better asset protection by using a SPA Trust. These are the top ten reasons the SPA Trust gives you better asset protection:

1. Better than an Offshore Trust. Offshore trusts are falsely advertised as a tool that provides privacy and confidentiality. The truth is that all offshore trusts and accounts are easily discoverable through a review of your tax returns. A long list of court cases show that US courts have plenty of tools to overcome an offshore trust. To see these cases and learn all the reasons why the SPA Trust is better than an offshore trust, click here: Better than an Offshore Trust

2. Better than a Family Limited Partnership or LLC. Family limited partnerships and LLCs are easy to discover and subject to attack through a broad charging order, or a piercing of the corporate veil, or a creditor becoming a member through a bankruptcy proceeding. To read all the reasons that the SPA Trust is better than a family limited partnership or LLC, click here: Better than an FLP or LLC

3. Better than a Self-Settled Domestic Asset Protection Trust. A Self-Settled Domestic Asset Protection Trust under the laws of Delaware, Alaska or Nevada, is entirely unproven and subject to several means of attack. To learn all the reasons why the SPA Trust is better, click here to read my recent article in Estate Planning Magazine: Building a Better Asset Protection Trust

4. Better Case Law to Support It. To see twenty cases that uphold the asset protection provided by the SPA Trust, click here: Law-and-Precedent-Supporting-the-Special-Power-of-Appointment-Trust

5. A Better History of Results. To read real-life examples showing a better history of results, click here: Stories-from-the-Trenches

6. More Flexible. The terms, conditions, and beneficiaries of the SPA Trust can be changed, and the assets can be returned to you, at any time, without any cost or tax effect.

7. Less Hassle. Unlike the other options, the SPA Trust requires no extra tax returns, no ongoing maintenance, and it is easy to understand and operate.

8. No Tax Problems. Unlike the other options, you can transfer any asset into or out of the SPA Trust without any tax consequences. The SPA Trust will have no affect on your income taxes.

9. Less Expensive. The set-up costs and the ongoing costs are less expensive than the other options. After a review of your situation, I can give you a free proposal.

10. Better Craftsmanship and Support. Your SPA Trust will be designed and crafted by a well recognized attorney, who teaches law students how to draft trusts. Your documents will be customized to your particular situation, and we will be available to provide ongoing support over many years.

If you would like to receive a detailed explanation and a diagram of the SPA Trust, please send me an email at ( lee@lsmlaw.net).

Number of Law Firms that have hired us to do a SPA Trust for their clients = 7.

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Lee S. McCullough, III is practicing exclusively in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, estate planning strategies, cases about irrevocable trusts.

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